What hardware I supported on croudfunding and how I ended up

On Kickstarter


No more Keys, no more Passwords… but I don’t use this widget, because this role was taken over by my iPhone, which I bought before this bracelet was made and delivered. I still have it stashed somewhere…


An excellent idea with a magnetic USB cable from the year 2020. Today I have solutions from other companies, but this was a good start.


Before I could buy an original stylus with my new iPad, there was a solution that made it possible to have a working stylus with older models. Connecting via a jack connector was an exciting solution and I used it successfully for some time. However, the current Apple Pencil and its wireless solution are generations away. But for 2018, it was an interesting solution.

Fingertip Microscope – Add an 800x microscope to your phone

I used this microscope a lot. We used it to examine a lot of natural history at the kids’ camp. It was interesting to look really closely at ticks. One of the few investments that I think has really paid off!

Mindset: smart headphones that improve your concentration

Headphones that delivered what they promised and I use them at work every day. For a while, it looked like Covid broke their neck, but it looks like they will continue on despite adversity.

iMicro Q2p: An 800x Polarizing Fingertip Microscope

The previous microscope was usable with the first-generation iPhone SE. When I upgraded to a newer model phone, the manufacturer thankfully came out with an updated version of the microscope that picked up where the old one left off.

I was very happy to support them again because the quality of the view, the magnification levels (I bought multiple lenses) and the compactness (the whole thing takes up space like 3 credit cards laid on top of each other) are breathtaking. 

µChart – Test your camera, lenses, phone, and other optics

A great addition to the microscope, which I bought also to support the authors in their future work.

On Indiegogo

XOO Belt – A Phone-Charging Belt

An interesting idea, the processing, and timing of which (smaller power banks began to appear, allowing greater freedom of use) unfortunately did not meet with much use. What was interesting was the universal cable, which allowed use for both Android and iPhone.

AIRTAME: Wireless HDMI for Everyone.

It’s a device that works and within reason, I still use it occasionally. But in 2014 it was a revelation that was really interesting, and connecting a projector near the ceiling without having to hunt down a multi-meter cable was and still is useful.

Lantern: A Global Satellite Data Radio

Biggest disappointment. Great idea, nice visuals – and still hasn’t arrived. I guess it wasn’t even finished.

Smartwatch Powered by You – MATRIX PowerWatch

They worked for a few months, then got stuck during a firmware update. Unfortunately, covid was raging at the time, so communication with the manufacturer was difficult. Sent them in for warranty and they never came back.

iSpin fidget-spinner

A little silliness that has entertained and currently delights my son.

WonderCube Pro – Mobile Essentials in 1 Cubic Inch

A useful little thing that accompanied me on the keys for a year and even in some moments fulfilled its role with honor. Emergency card reader, charging cable, flashlight, cell phone holder, and handy reducers.

Smartwatch Powered by You – MATRIX PowerWatch 2

Bought in the euphoria of a working first-generation that broke a few weeks later. However, upon delivery of this piece again, a good experience at first. The GPS worked, and the battery life was not great, but it was usable for some shorter runs with the sun at my back.

Unfortunately, this is where the cyclic restart glitch manifested itself. Simply in the course of use, the watch turned off and on by itself. After experiencing the lack of communication regarding the first unit’s warranty claim, I can in good conscience very strongly advise against this company and its products.

Kharbon: The Longest Lasting IP67 Wireless Earbuds

Although there is some suspicion that the project was not entirely clean (there were a few references where apparently identical devices could be bought, printed, or engraved and then sent in the form of a large number of pieces), the headphones served me for several years, the battery life was good, they held in the ear and the only thing one had to watch out for was tucking them into the charging case. If the earphone was turned the wrong way, it would stand upright and could not be easily removed afterward.

EarFun Free- Ultimate Comfortable Wireless Earbuds

Other earbuds didn’t play badly, but for some reason, I liked the Kharbon better.